Khalifa Al-Thani is an independent filmmaker who holds a bachelors degree in Film and Video from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is in the pre-production of his short film Collect your Belongings and in the last stages of development of his feature Land of the Brave. Al-Thani is currently part of the Development team at Doha Film Institute.

In January 2011, after indulging in various other film blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on in, he decided to apply to numerous colleges hoping to get into one. As a young kid, he chose to write about the things he liked, ideas he had, the things he's lived through & other opinions on what he wanted to change in general. Before long, he had friends and teachers telling him they'd enjoyed what he has written, and this was amazing in itself, as really, he never expected to share the things he has written in his own little space.